How do I determine which countertop material is best for my needs?
  • Budget
  • How long will you live in the house
  • Your location in the KC metro area
  • What is the statement you are trying to make with your kitchen or bath.
Can I set a hot pan on my new countertop?
  • Regardless of the material you choose to build your countertop, trivets and hot pads are recommended.
Will I see the joints in my new top?
  • Solid surface will offer you a virtually seamless joint. We strive to minimize the visibility of joints in all other materials.
Which tops allow under-mount sinks? 
  • Typically under-mount sinks are limited to Solid Surface and Stone tops. Grandview Top Company is proud to announce that we now offer a limited line of under-mount sinks in some laminate tops.
What kind of maintenance will I have with my new countertops? 
  • Typically speaking all of our countertops require no more than warm soapy water and a quick wipe down. Natural stone countertops will require proper sealing, care, and maintenance  dependent on the stone you select.
When is is the best time to contact Grandview Top for an estimate?
  • The best time for an estimate of costs would be after you have determined the size of the top and the material you want to use.  We are available to help you make those decisions anytime.
Care and Maintenance of Natural Granite.